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About Us

Cadillac is fast growing proud to be Indian Company having R&D and manufacture. We are the government approved manufacture signifying the highest degree of performance capability and moderate financial strength.

Cadillac Leads a team qualified professionals and technocrats. The team designs and manufactures elevators comparable with the best in the world in its rage in performance. Cadillac range having been designed entirely its R & D team, is continuously upgraded based on customer feedback and the Company's perception of customer expectation.

The in-house capabilities enable the Company to respond positively, Pro-actively and quickly to customer's customization requirements without being limited by the boundaries of any overseas 'principals' range and to carry out necessary trouble shooting well and promptly, again same time, where the company considers it necessary or optimal to import parts- such as in case of drives , headers, door drives, machines etc., It imports them from among the most reputed and dependable sources in Europe, Japan and China.

Cadillac provide a wide range of Passenger Lifts, Home Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Dumbwaiters and Hydraulic Lifts, Hospitals and Hydraulic Lifts with better quality. In addition to the above mentioned normal conventional Lifts we provide Hydraulic Scissor Lifts and modernization of all kind of Lifts

Cadillac has a population of about more than 50 installed elevators with another 100 Elevators at modernized , in various public and private organizations total we are doing more than 300 lifts in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. It has installation bases and, consequently, after sales service set ups spanning the length and breadth of the country with its foot print ever growing.

Quality Safety and Customer relationship are our motto.

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